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About Us
Meet our Staff
Born and raised in Kapuskasing, Jessica is the owner and founder of Namaste Studio. Always wanting to help people and interested in Health Sciences, Jessica graduated from Biotechnology in 2003 and was shortly hired as a Laboratory Manager at the University of Ottawa's Neural Regeneration Laboratory.

After more than 2 years of research and 2 published scientific articles, Jessica decided to move on to something new. Still wanting to help people in some way, she decided to become a Financial Advisor under an umbrella company but it wasn't long before she was hired as a Business Manager for a Toyota Lexus dealership. Winning great wages and owning everything she thought she ever wanted, she was still unfulfilled. After 4 years and a life-altering event, she again decided it was time to move on. By this point, Jessica was quite interested in spirituality, had taken some Reiki courses and was on a new path before she could know it. This new energy brought on many changes, in no time her house was sold and she was on her way to living abroad. By this point, Jessica had become a Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist and Integrated Energy Therapist.

Once living in Costa Rica, she had to re-validate her passport, so she decided to travel throughout Nicaragua and ran into some travelling yoga instructors. Jessica had always enjoyed physical fitness and spirituality and having taken some yoga classes in the past, she knew she really liked yoga. After a short talk with the yogis, a spark was ignited. She immediately sought out places where she could learn to instruct and become a certified yoga instructor. About 3 months later, Jessica was sitting at Samasati, a vegetarian, mind, body and soul resort situated in the wet tropical jungle on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Enrolled in Marianne Wells' 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, another life-altering event. Marianne offered a strict and thorough program, focusing on proper alignment and postures.

Jessica has been a Certified 200-RYT since April of 2011. In May of 2011, she moved back to her hometown of Kapuskasing to be closer to her family. Her mother informed her of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and their Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program. This gave her the nudge she needed to make her dream a reality, although denied the grant once the business was almost complete, she is the now the proud owner and founder of Namaste Studio which opened in September of 2012 at 50 Riverside Drive in Kapuskasing, Ontario.
Jennifer was born and raised here in Kapuskasing, Ontario and is the older and only sister of Jessica. A married mother of two boys Jennifer has always been a caregiver of sorts, from caring for family members when they were down and out, to all kinds of animals making sure everyone was ok has always been what she does. Jennifer has always enjoyed working with people and has had many different jobs. She has worked as a waitress, cook, in childcare and as engineer of our local tour boat, the kapuskasing II.

When Jessica opened Namaste Studio Jennifer was at a job were the hours were not allowing her to spend enough time with her children. She was not satisfied and needed more compatiable work hours, so came to work for Jessica in the boutique. During her first month at Namaste she took a workshop on Dowsing. This was something that she had always been curious about. All it took was one course and she was HOOKED!!! Since then Jennifer has become a Reiki Master, I.E.T Advanced practioner, Spiritual Vortex practioner, has gotten her first 6 Munay-Ki rites, and is now almost finished her Certified Crystal Healer course threw the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Acedemy. What is next for Jennifer?? She has her eyes and heart set on becoming a Crystal Master next! :)
Bio coming soon!!!
Community Thank-Yous

September 2012

Namaste Studio would like to thank the following people and businesses without their support, my dream would not have become a reality.

Lise et Claude Lallier
Linda Semczyszyn
North Claybelt Community Futures
Timmins Business Development Corporation
Business Developement Bank of Canada
Canadian Youth Business Fund
Ross MacDonald
Marianne Wells
Linda Semczyszyn
Kapuskasing Chamber of Commerce

Namaste Studio would also like to thank all of their clients for their continued support in keeping our dream alive. Without you, there wouldn't be a Namaste Studio. Before opening our doors we couldn't of even imagined all the people who are now happy and grateful that we've opened. The amount of kind words we've received since opening in September of 2012 have been beyond amazing. Everyday we are so thankful and appreciative of our work, our jobs, our business and the lives we get to touch. We are not going to lie, the last year has been exhausting with lots of highs and lows but seeing the difference that Namaste Studio has made in so many people's live makes everything worthwhile. Because of our clients, we are in a perpetual state of gratitude, we are living our dream. All we can say is:


July 7th 2016
Almost 4 years since we've opened our doors!! Where does time go? I guess we've been having fun because it flew by and apparently when you follow your heart, success follows. In 2013, Jessica was nominated for "Jeune Entrepreneur de l'annee" by Ontario's RDEE as well as "Young Entrepreneur of the year" at the Northern Ontario Business Awards. In 2014, Namaste Studio was nominated in 3 categories at the Kapuskasing Business Awards Gala, including; Young Entrepreneur of the Year, New Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year and took home 2014's Small Business of the Year. In 2015 our clients spoke up, Namaste Studio took home the "People's Choice Award" during the 25th Annual B.A.G. Awards, definitely a beautiful night to remember and cherish.

Want to get a hold of us? Click Live Help button to connect with our online receptionist.  They are standing by Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM (EST).