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+ Benefits

Why Practice Yoga?

There’s a number of reason people choose to practice yoga. Some do it for pure enjoyment, others do it for health reasons and some even do it to look good in their lulu’s. I could go on and write up a long list of the physiological and psychological benefits but that’s been done so many times, mind as well leave that to health professionals. Below you’ll find a links to some of those sites. (Suffering is optional) (Benefits of yoga)

However, one of my favorite yoga articles is entitled "Top ten reasons not to do yoga" by Sadie Nardini. (You can find that link below as well) Her reasons are just hilarious and include “You enjoy looking 9 years older than you are. After all, Joan Crawford is super hot--so bring on the crow's feet!” to “Chronic lower back pain isn't really that bad, when compared to other Swine Flu.” and “Sleeping is for wussies.” Anyhow, it’s a great article and brings up pretty important points, if you have a couple of minutes, enjoy the read, if you have a couples of hours, come enjoy yoga with us!!!

+ Styles of Yoga


The most common type of yoga and most taught at Namaste Studio, Hatha focuses on physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Hatha provides a great foundation for proper alignments in asanas (poses) that are to be applied to faster paced classes like Vinyasa. Perfect for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

Offers a fast paced approach to yoga. This class will definitely get you sweating as we flow from one pose to the next. Perfect for all students in good physical health.

Gentle Yoga

Similar to Hatha Yoga with a gentler approach. This class focuses on finding proper alignment only using poses incorporating gentle stretching. Perfect for beginners and students with physical limitations but great for all levels.

Youth Yoga

Offered once a week, this interactive class introduces children to yoga by incorporating games and yoga poses. A fun to way to learn, make new friends and stay in shape. Perfect for children ages 5-9 years old.

Teen Yoga

Also offered once a week, Teen Yoga is essentially a shorten Hatha Yoga Class focusing on physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Teen Yoga provides an opportunity for teens to ground themselves, tone their muscles and build self-confidence. Perfect for teens and pre-teens alike.

Baby and Me Yoga

Baby and Me yoga is a shortened gentle hatha class. This class focuses on a combination of baby and mommy partner poses as well as only mommy poses while the babies interact and play together. Perfect for mommies or daddies and babies up to 18 months.

Yoga Lunch

A 40 minute Vinyasa class offered on Wednesday at a special price of 10$ taxes included, a great remedy to break up your workweek. Perfect for working individuals and those who are short on time.

Iron Yoga

Iron yoga is fusion of yoga and resistance training with weights. It is a 40 minute yoga class good for all ages.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of restorative yoga. Poses are held normally for five minutes or longer. Our Yin Yoga class usually fill up very quickly, please register in advance by calling the shop (705)337-7777.

+ Yoga Schedule

+ Namaste Pricing

Price List

Yoga & Fitness - 60 Min Class
10$ class - Punch Card rate
12$ class - Drop-in rate

Yoga & Fitness - 90 Min Class
15$ class - Punch Card rate
17$ class - Drop-in rate

1 month unlimited classes
300$/3 months

+ Yoga Etiquette
Remove your shoes
Turn off your cell phone
Arrive Early
Practice within your limits
Listen to your body
Don’t step on other people’s mats...
it’s a sign of disrespect
Do not judge
Be scent sensitive
Be silent after Savasana
Clean off and pick up your equipment

What are the emotional health benefits of Yoga?
Yoga brings about many emotional health benefits such as peace, joy and compassion. Yoga meditations and practice promote a greater appreciation of the present moment...which in turn calms the mind and brings about both peace and joy of existence. Yoga values and philosophy along with meditations also help develop thoughtfulness, generosity and compassion.

What are the mental health benefits of Yoga?
Yoga also brings about many mental benefits. The breathing exercises also with meditation practiced during yoga develop parts of the brain that are normally dormant, which in turn activates the power of intuition. This also helps the brain develop which in turn helps develop your intelligence and clarity of thoughts. Yoga meditations also help keep the mind focused on a single object or mantra, which aides in concentration and awareness.

I am visiting from out of town and would like to keep up with my yoga practice, can I join a class?
Yes, stop by the studio and join a class! we have drop in prices, and anyone is welcome whether it be your first class or your 500th class.

Want to get a hold of us? Click Live Help button to connect with our online receptionist.  They are standing by Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM (EST).